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Keeping Faith: A How To Guide

Women's Interfaith Network

Keeping Faith: A How-To Guide explores how women keep faith - in ourselves, in each other, in a cause, or in religious faith - so you can learn how to keep faith too. Each episode, we’ll be interviewing a different guest, some names you know and some you should know, to find out what keeping faith means to them. 

Keeping Faith: A How-To Guide is a podcast from Womens' Interfaith Network, a women’s charity bringing together all faith’s and none, as part of our 2024 Keeping Faith Programme. Find out more at

Hosted by Maeve Carlin
Produced by Maeve Carlin and Adam Brichto

Edited by Adam Brichto

Executive Produced by Lady Gilda Levy

Theme music composed by Jamie Payne.

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